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How to use Skype Video in Wirecast

Demo Reels : Instructional : Craig Seeman's Videos : How to use Skype Video in Wirecast

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How to use Skype Video in Wirecast
on Apr 11, 2012 at 7:34:46 pm
United States
Telestream Wirecast - Bringing in Skype Video calls with Desktop Presenter.

For live streaming and recording talk show format, Wirecast can bring in Skype Video calls, create iso shots of each and [more]
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Re: How to use Skype Video in Wirecast
by Juan Martinez
hi. I'm new on wire cast 4, and day to day I'm refining my questions...
Ive already make wire cast recognize both my FaceTime webcam and my canon t3i (thru eos utility)...but Im getting an issue with desktop presenter and skype.

I saw your video explaining how to link sky with wire cast...but I'm already using desktop presenter to link eos utility (my cano t3i) to wire cast...

how can I make both, my canon camera and Skype be linked to wire cast? (I need to transmit two camera views to do Skype lessons)

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