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hum khushi ki chah mein

Demo Reels : Music Video : amit jalan's Videos : hum khushi ki chah mein

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hum khushi ki chah mein
on Jan 27, 2010 at 7:38:46 am
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this is a video shot by amit jalan and the post work done by amit jalan/image devices ( for a film "life mein kabhi kabhi" Full shoot on chroma and video shot on 35mm. Most of the [more]
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This video reminds me -
by Jim Hines
that lighting a green screen is an art unto itself and that compositing is not just placing disperate images into the same frame - there is a real craft to this stuff - an attention to detail and finesse - this video has a few things going for it but one intangigble stands out - Heart - ya know - it feels motivational - uplifting - the performers energy is infectious - overall quality 3ish - enjoyment from viewing 4ish - final score 4 cows.
Who is the artist? Nice work.
by Ron Lindeboom
Even though the guitarist's "lead solo" is completely out of sync with what's happening in the music, and his mimicking of the drums is also wrong, and there are times when the video is out of focus in an odd way, I still give it 5 COWs because I tend to believe that this will work well for its intended audience. But who is/are the artist(s)? Please update it.
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