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In Motion

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In Motion
on Nov 14, 2010 at 4:28:30 pm
United Kingdom
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My first shot for my show reel. hope you enjoy it...any comments welcome, cheers.
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Re: In Motion
by Grant Strac
Really great man. I thought its genius how simple this is. There is no doubt of your skills and what you are. I am looking do something for my reel and seeing this just tells me mine isn't targeted enough thank you for sharing
Re: In Motion
by Stephen Kampff
I love the end, so photorealistic. Must have taken some amount of time
Re: In Motion
by Alan Alsup
very, very nice... :)
Re: In Motion
by Timothy Klien
Legit! That is Rad. I am just learning my way around Adobe After FX and Premier. Switching from Sony Vegas. Wish we had you here in California. Really need an awesome After FX person for TV commercials. Loved your work, and got some amazing ideas. Thanks for the post.
Check out our work at

Thanks, and appreciate your response.
Tim K
Fourten Visuals
Carlsbad California
Re: In Motion
by Alfred Amistoso
what apps did you used in this video,can you tell me?
Re: In Motion
by David Scott
Nice one!
Music would certainly help give it life.
Like the palette you've used.

David Scott,
Senior Editor,
Re: In Motion
by Valentin Savenkov
I like this! Well done exercise. Wish you success!
Re: In Motion
by Ross Sutherland
Wow! you have done a great job...very impressed

how can you set the timeline to always load with the settings you like eg in 1 second allotment?
Re: In Motion
by Geoff Gartside
Brilliant, a lot of hard work, I'm sure. It flows along superbly.

Re: In Motion
by Rick Chevalier
Very clever. How did you do it? Rick
Re: In Motion
by Stephen Smith
I really like the simplicity of this video which suggests that it was quite complex to do :>) The camera looks as if it has many a story that it could tell of its own and I really think you have captured the incredible textures of the leathure and aluminium. Nice one.

It will soon be sunny again.... I hope
Re: In Motion
by Robert Millin
thank for the comments micheal it always seems to make all the hard work worthwhile when someone appreciates your work and gives you that push to try harder. I'm glad you liked it, Much appreciated
Re: In Motion
by Michael Locke
Wow Robert, true diligence. I've seen that kind of effect before, but that's as well as I've ever seen it done (think PBS NOVA/National Geographic). What drew me in was the composition of the tiny thumbnail listed in the Cow. I couldn't tell it was a camera, just an interesting shape with a sepia like color. Like a stone you see on the ground and pick up; it seems to make you. Good eye, good instincts, good luck...ML
Re: In Motion
by Robert Millin
maya & photoshop for modelling, lighting and animation and nuke and after effects for compositing. glad you like it
Re: In Motion
by Joshua Monk
This looks great. What programs did you use to make this video?
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