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Incredible Wedding Video

Demo Reels : Video : Ethan Jones's Videos : Incredible Wedding Video

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Incredible Wedding Video
on Dec 14, 2013 at 8:05:16 pm
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My friend did this wedding video for my wife and I. He has always played around with videography but this was his first professional video. Personally, It blew me away. I just wanted to get some feedb [more]
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Re: Incredible Wedding Video
by Flor Castillo
pretty good video. What camera did ur friend used?
Re: Video: Incredible Wedding Video
by Mark Suszko
It's a pretty good cameraman demo reel, but as far as the edit, I like my narratives more linear, and for a wedding, I guess I'm stodgy, but I want to hear the actual vows and more actualities (sound bites) of the bride and groom and the service. I want to see the ring go on the finger, I want to hear the words. This is fun. glossy, and kinetic, but at the same time, the lack of bride and groom speech in it, and the fact that they don't have the majority of shots between them, makes it feel a bit impersonal and "outside" to me. I don't get a sense of the couple's personalities. But that's just one person's aesthetic; others may have different views.
Re: Video: Incredible Wedding Video
by Peter Groom
I'm pleased you like it and for a fun montage it's ok enough.
It doesn't really tell a story. Anyone can slap a track on top and do a pacy cut, but are you capable of recording the audio to actually provide wedding overage which might need to be an hour or more?
The audio I did hear was very poor.
Some f the shots were so brief I'd put them down as flash frames or missed edits mistakes.
Not over impressed here.
I've seen many a lot better

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