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initialize09: work by XK9 Design

Demo Reels : Bill Dawson's Videos : initialize09: work by XK9 Design

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initialize09: work by XK9 Design
on May 19, 2009 at 9:50:41 am
United States
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This is my motion graphic design reel. I've been at this a while, the oldest piece on this reel was created in 1988. I bet you can't guess which one. I'm still trying to get it right; I'll keep workin [more]
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Wow, what a reel!
by Bill Dawson
Thank you Ron and Tim. Sorry, Tim. Wheel was done circa 1999 making it middle aged at best. The oldest piece is the telecine gate weave extravaganza that says "10 O'CLOCK." It was for a promo for NYC's Fox affiliate's evening news. I did it when I was senior designer at Target Productions in Boston.

I prefer the melange to the individual pieces. Like most of us I get to work on a small part. I'll post the piece I did for Marcy Playground when that album dropped in 96.

Man I'm old.
I'm going to take a guess...
by Tim Wilson
...that the oldest clip is the Wheel of Fortune opening. Not because it's not fresh -- it IS -- just that The Wheel has been around for a while.

And as Ron says, a very impressive reel. If you can post any of the full-length clips in our other sections -- music videos, short films, etc. -- by all means do!
If I were forced to pick my very favorite reel so far...
by Ron Lindeboom
...I think I would have to pick this one, Bill. There are some fabulous reels here at the COW, but this one is not only visually adept but is also rhythmically paced so that it never skips a beat and is fun and impressively communicative. Great work.
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