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JENNIFER - Alphanaut

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JENNIFER - Alphanaut
on Jan 20, 2010 at 4:49:36 am
United States
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music video directed by Jimmy Ahlander
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No no 2 is too low -
by Jim Hines
I'm not super crazy about this video personally but technically speaking it's much better than 2 cows - the song has a spooky vibe to it and the video compliments and accentuates that mood - the creepy distorted face of Lil Red - the lighting - the disorienting backward motion - nice luma mattes or whatever they are that were used with the tv static filling the shapes - really nice edit @ around 2:34 very cool - unobtrusive motivated cutting in general - I think this video as well as some others suffer from the compression but all in all this is much better than 2 cows - a unique idea - outside current trends - well realized.
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