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Kaleidoscope Productions - Demo Reel

Demo Reels : Andrew Kaytor's Videos : Kaleidoscope Productions - Demo Reel

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Kaleidoscope Productions - Demo Reel
on Dec 22, 2010 at 9:44:16 pm
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A collection of works by Kaleidoscope Productions - - Motion graphics, special effects, compositing, video editing and making fine cheese.
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Re: Kaleidoscope Productions - Demo Reel
by Andrew Kaytor
Hey Tom, keep at it, the learning curve is steep but once you get a handle on the tools, only your imagination (and budget) can limit you. I run a pretty small post house and maintain that size doesn't matter - it's a state of mind ;)

Equipment - Adobe Production Suite and Final Cut Studio for the most part with the exception of some extra special apps and plug-ins

Techniques - well you're in the right place, many of the techniques have been learned via Creative Cow and other like-minded communities. Also gotta give props to Video Co-Pilot for their awesome products and tutorials.


Re: Kaleidoscope Productions - Demo Reel
by tom edwards
i've been producing videos using sony vegas for about 18 months.
my guess is most of this excellent work on this demo reel was produced in a slightly larger studio.
can someone post what kinds of equipment and techniques go into making these kinds of productions.
i'm getting better every day -- but in comparison to this, i'm in the silent era.
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