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SEARCHLIGHTS 1 - Karma Controllers

Demo Reels : Music Video : Navin Ramaswaran's Videos : SEARCHLIGHTS 1 - Karma Controllers

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SEARCHLIGHTS 1 - Karma Controllers
on Jan 27, 2010 at 4:55:53 am
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Music video for the Toronto based independent band, Karma Controllers. "Searchlights 1" was featured in BiteTV's new reality TV show "West49 Ambition Skatecamp". Directed by Navin Ramaswaran.
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Great Look!
by Mike Cook
The video has a great look and feel and love the support of local talent. Nice work!
There are a lot of things I like about this video
by Jim Hines
but the song is not one of them - However, you are the guy who made the video so lets talk about that - the pace of the cut is what makes this most appealing to me - it's not something I could ever describe effectively - it's more of something you either feel or you don't - but when I as the viewer wanted the picture to change it magically did - like we were playing a song together - and most of the time the picture changed to something I wanted to see - like the xylophone (bells) or the girl or the trees or the singer. So - I bet there are listeners out there who will like this song - I mean I like Zappa and most peopel I know don't - I'm going to give it 5 cows in an effor to get some voters to see it - my guess is that it will eventually land around 4 - plus or minus a cow - The camera work is good - I love the fall colors - but then autumn is my favorite season - so that really worked for me - they are young and fresh and clean and it's a simple pop song so the minimalist approach is appropriate and effective and it had a feeling of whimsy and youth to it and ultimately it magically ended when I was ready for it to end. Rock on!
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