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GET BACK - Kowalski

Demo Reels : Music Video : Gregg Houston's Videos : GET BACK - Kowalski

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GET BACK - Kowalski
on Jan 21, 2010 at 2:19:47 pm
Northern Ireland
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The first single to be lifted from the "Take Care Take Flight" E.P is "Get Back".

The footage was captured and edited by babysweet sessions.

Kowalski performed the song a lot of times and for t [more]
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Yes you can replace it, Gregg
by Ron Lindeboom
Just be logged-in and then come to this video. In the upper right just above the search box, you will see the links that allow you to replace it. (They only appear for the owner, and only when they are logged-in.)
The quality is a bit low
by Gregg Houston
I put this up as I thought the file couldn't exceed a certain amount thus the quality is a bit low. Am I able to replace this with a higher quality version but keep the number of views and votes?
Another video with the bars and tone intro? Like the song hate the tone.
by Ron Lindeboom
We almost didn't post this one because we really do hate the bars and tone intro. Why do people think that that is cool? But it's a great song and a good video so we let it slide. Did I mention we hate the bars and tone? (But love the Technicolor Dream Coats these guys wear.)
Bars and tone are bit obnoxious it's true - however,
by Jim Hines
I did like this - the stop motion is well timed and injects some action into what otherwise is just some guys playing their instruments - Doesn't look like you had the camera locked down though - was that the intent - I like the art direction - the Buddy Holly Album and some other details - color pallete - the wallpaper in the bass drum - I like that you went to the soft focus low light change up for the bridge at around 3 minutes in - not crazy about the song - My one real beef is that the piece lasts 4:16 but the Clock never moves - purposeful? A lot of work went into this - If I could give it 4.5 I would but I'm going with 4 - Nice work!
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