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Last Week

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Last Week
on Jun 11, 2009 at 9:28:53 am
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This doesn't pretend to be a demo-reel, just glimpses of my working environment .
When Shane Ross saw my picture in the FC Forum he said: "An skinny editor? really? A rare sight".
This is what keeps [more]
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Re: Last Week
by Michael A. Kroes
Beautiful! The shots on the water and of the people are very compelling. Good work!!!

Mike Kroes

Re: Last Week
by Guy McLoughlin
A wet fun ride through beautiful countryside.
Re: Last Week
by Mike Cohen
nice to see someone else who likes to shoot video of the places he works, along with the work itself. We are, after all, human beings with a desire to experience the world around us - sometimes getting thee is half the fun.

Mike Cohen

Medical Education / Multimedia Producer
Hi Dave, You are right, I'm
by Rafael Amador
Hi Dave,
You are right, I'm forgetting my Spanish.
Can over some time and we will drive somewhere.
My old Land-Cruiser without steering power wheel was killing me.
The new one (10 years old) is a pleasure to drive.
It have no only steering power wheel, but also a small fridge for the beer:-)
Un saludo,
by David Mosquera Keith
Hola Rafael! very nice images i really like the color correction, is that your drive to work?i bet its like an adventure every day :)

ps: Hace tiempo que no me salvas el cuello en el foro a ver si me paso por ahi y hablamos un poco de español que seguro que tienes que practicar!!

Saludos Dave.
by Rafael Amador
Hi Ron and Ken,
Thank you. Your comments really encourage me.
My last job was about "The Reform of the Lao Administration".
In few days I've to start to edit one about "Microfinances" and another one about a "Food for Work" project.
Nothing to show to the friends, but deserving a good "Making Of".
I've I ever have time (and peace of mind) I'll edit a proper Demo reel.
PS: When any of you come to visit me, I promise I'll drive smoothly :-)
You have a wonderful eye for composition, Rafael
by Ron Lindeboom
The shots on the river and with the boats are especially beautiful. Great shooting, Rafael.
Just gorgeous, but I'm not sure
by Ken Harper
Just gorgeous, but I'm not sure I want to ride with you driving.
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