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LOOKING FOR A RABBIT - Laura Imbruglia

Demo Reels : Music Video : Wayne Reynolds's Videos : LOOKING FOR A RABBIT - Laura Imbruglia

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LOOKING FOR A RABBIT - Laura Imbruglia
on Jan 18, 2010 at 6:45:11 am
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Animated music video for Australian solo artist Laura Imbruglia.
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I loved the illustrations!
by Mel Teruz
Well done! The animation and illustrations are great!
by Paul Nordin
Man, I didn't really care that much for the song, but the animated tour though a twisted Alice & Wonderland reality was really engaging and creative.
How do you give this less than 5 cows?
by Jim Hines
Again this is a perfect example of what a music video is supposed to do. When MTV first started I use to sit in front of the idiot box watching music videos and was exposed to so much music I never would have listened to because the videos themselves were so intriguing. Sure I guess I could have turned the sound off but - anyway - I wish MTV would go back to actually playing music videos again and dump the reality progamming because it truly sparked a Video and Art Renaissance. Great work on this - the ink blot - rorschach effect - just awesome - the whole thing feels like a Magritte painting come to life. Favorite Frames @ 1:25 -
I agree
by Niel Ferreira
100% with Ron. Wasn't crazy about the song, but loved the video. 5 from me.
A truly adventurous and remarkable video
by Ron Lindeboom
I can't say that I liked the vocals as much as I did the video and its execution, so I will rate the video on its technique and craft. And in that I have to give it a 5. It is an amazingly adventurous video. Great work.
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