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IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE - Little Miss Higgins

Demo Reels : Music Video : Colin Hubick's Videos : IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE - Little Miss Higgins

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IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE - Little Miss Higgins
on Jan 25, 2010 at 6:40:16 pm
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Music video for Blues Band shot in 2009 on the RedOne. It recently won the Saskatchewan Motion Picture award for Best Music Video. And was nominated at the 2009 Western Canadian Music Awards.
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Colin I'm so relieved that you accepted my opinion
by Jim Hines
in the spirit with which it is intended. You're a pro.
by Colin Hubick
Hey Jim, thank-you for the well written critique, and I appreciate you taking the time to write it. I welcome both good feedback and bad feedback, just as long as it is positive feedback, which your post is. Thanks again and take care

Uninspired and obvious
by Jim Hines
That is the feeling I'm left with after multiple viewings - I want to love all of these videos and this one too but I'm not getting hooked in to this story and song. I'm just some schmuck so take my sincere, well meaning but possibly harsh "opinions" as just that - my opinions. Yes the pictures are shot well - yes you've made good use of rack focus - yes the images are desaturated - but to what effect? - there is no emotion here for me - no mystery or conflict or pathos or flirtiness or excitement or frivolity or comedy..anything - nothing - - is this meant to be in a time long ago? - is that why it's in black and white? - I'm not sure - Characters are introduced and disposed of without apparent reason - the girl at the begining in the hot rod truck - why her? why that? - the guy in the 40's style hat and rain coat with the mud - why? what? There are shots of people clapping and applauding - we should hear that - we should hear the ambient sounds of the Honky Tonk - the pool balls being broken - the chips being anted up - beer bottles clinking - in other word we see the environment but I don't experience the environment - it is after all presented as a live performance in an intimate venue - The direction that "is" clearly defined is just too obvious for me - when the song says beer we see a beer bottle - when the lyrics refer to snow - we see an actress (in period costume?) with snow on her (the snow looks hollywood) - the mud looks staged - - Other patrons of the honky tonk don't appear to be from the same period (to me) - is it a period piece? - when the lyrics refer to gambling we see a card game - the card game takes center stage in the action of the story but that seems like a hand over played - the music itself sounds derivative and "uninspired". Maybe I'm just not one to go in for "upbeat" blues standards - I don't think so - I love music of all stripes and varieties - is this an original composition? - The cuts don't feel motivated by anything - not the song dynamics or the action. The truth for me is that when I watch and listen to this I don't feel anything - good or bad - I'm just not moved in any direction. Bland is a word that comes to mind. That is my honest opinion - I know I must sound like a jacka** but my intent is merely to expose you to an honest, complete and total, disinterested third party OPINION - I "am" comparing this against the other entries - There are several down in the 4 cow category that are being passed over that take more chances, have more heart and make greater strides in communicating the artists POV - I'm sorry to be so blunt - I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad - you are head and shoulders above whatever I might accomplish at this stage - but as a critical observer and for the purposes of a "contest" - 3 cows - my opinion won't make or break your chances at winning this contest - Rock on and best wishes.
by Colin Hubick
Thanks Ron much appreciated.
Nice work, Colin. Good camera angles on playing, singing, audience, etc.
by Ron Lindeboom
The lighting and cinematography works for the video. The angles work and the black and white works well for the music, the period dress, the hats, etc.

It all works into a music video that for me, in my opinion, is about as good as you could do shooting for something of this nature. Great work. I really like it.
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