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Logans Montage Editing Reel

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Logans Montage Editing Reel
on Oct 6, 2011 at 7:32:01 am
United States
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I just finished my Reel but I have shown only my brother and a few friends. I graduate in the spring from film school and hope to land an internship with this reel and hopefully a job afterwards. Id l [more]
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Re: Logans Montage Editing Reel
by logan fonseca
Its all edited, and I have a a few scenes in there that were from films I cut. I cut this to show the different emotions within each piece of films I have cut. Anticipation-Action-Love. Everyones reel is different and the goal is to make the viewer want to watch the films.

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Re: Logans Montage Editing Reel
by Ninan Tan
Hi, your editing reel does not show any editing skills. It's more like a montage of different shots (more like a cinematographer's reel). You need to put together a reel showing actual edits - different shots edited together from the same scene. Hope this helps.
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