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Lone Peak Productions Graphics Reel

Demo Reels : Stephen Smith's Videos : Lone Peak Productions Graphics Reel

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Lone Peak Productions Graphics Reel
on Sep 10, 2009 at 10:41:30 am
United States
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This is Lone Peak Productions graphics reel.
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great work i like it
by Remmie Rodrigues
great work i like it
Looking good
by Brandt Gillespie
Your graphics look awesome.

Ask Bob Rock about the twisted Sennheiser shot gun mike he had mounted on his wall and tell him Brandt will never forget that trip to Snow Basin.
That rocks Stephen! Indeed lots of
by Alvin Bicasan
That rocks Stephen! Indeed lots of work went into that!
Great Demo Reel Stephen
by Phil Hoppes
As an aspiring motion graphic artist I am working hard to get my first demo reel out there. Yours is outstanding. Very well put together. Flows nice. High energy.

Your link to Dan Black's video on your website was a great inspiration also. Pretty amazing.
by Stephen Smith
Thanks Tim, it is great to hear from you. To answer your question. The dancing clip was keyed in After Effects using Keylight. The rest of the footage was mainly keyed using Final Cut Pro's Chroma Keyer and some of the other clips where done using Ultimatte and Motion. I've found that the best trick to keying footage is to light it right when shooting. Please feel free to read the article "Perfect Color-Keys: A Checklist" in the Creative COW magazine: Power of Artistic Passion Issue. And I wish you the best on your projects.
Inspiring demo
by Tim Visterin

You're the answer...
I am working on a demo reel myself and I was kind of inspirationless..
and I saw yours...
Very well A. Rabinowita would say: fun to watch.
Did you key your footage in AE and did what plugin did you use?

again indeed, superb work..

Tim Visterin
Antwerp - Belgium
by Stephen Smith
Thanks for all of the wonderful comments. The different clips where mainly created in Motion. The rest where done in After Effects or Final Cut Pro. The music came from Video Helper.
Great work!!
by Robert Parker
I hope that my photography gets to the same level.
Like Abraham, you are indeed The Man, Stephen
by Ron Lindeboom
Like the others, I liked the energy and pacing of this reel, Stephen. Very good job.
Very nice.
by Kathlyn Lindeboom
Very energetic. Nicely done.
Very nice reel Stephen!
by Abraham Chaffin
Very nice reel Stephen!
Great stuff!
by Tim Wilson
I really enjoyed both the work and the reel, Stephen. Very creative, very high energy, nicely edited together.

Did you use Motion for the "motion" graphics? What about the music?

Again, great work!
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