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Lori Newman 2010 Demo Reel

Demo Reels : Lori Newman's Videos : Lori Newman 2010 Demo Reel

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Lori Newman 2010 Demo Reel
on Jun 17, 2010 at 3:15:06 pm
United States
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Demo Reel for 2010
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Re: Lori Newman 2010 Demo Reel
by Barbara Kaminsky
very cool
Re: Lori Newman 2010 Demo Reel
by elizabethanne reed
Wish I could use tis as a template and insert family photos, Can I buy it?
@elizabethanne reed
by Lori Newman
Do you mean the opening? Sure.

Demo reel
by Thomas Koker
Outstanding work. A very small suggestion. The tempo in the beginning of the reel moves so fast that I didn't really get to savor your superior presentation. The latter half moves a tad slower and I began to appreciate more the depth of your talent. For what its worth.
@Thomas Koker
by Lori Newman
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll slow it down.

Thanks for the supportive words!
by Lori Newman
I art directed, designed and animated almost all of the work, with the exception of some of the illustrations, some of the logos and the 3D phone animation. Thanks again!
Superb. Obviously a serious working pro I'd say...
by Alf Hanna
Thanks for posting this to help the rest of us see the latest pro work coming out of the 'big city' (I assume NYC?). While I know that these kind of projects are often the collaborative work of a team of art direction, and many others, your execution of the ideas is very modern and interesting to watch. Great job Lori!
Really nice work, Lori
by Ron Lindeboom
You have a wonderful design sensibility, Lori. I have to say that I think that yours is one of the best reels in the Creative COW reels section. You not only have great color and technique instincts, but your use of typography in your designs is some of the most "situationally-sensitive" that I have seen. Kudos.
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