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Lucid demo reel

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Lucid demo reel
on Jul 26, 2012 at 10:36:17 am
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Re: Lucid demo reel
by Murray Kerr
Hi Folks

My name is Murray,

I�m contacting you on behalf of an Animation/FX based company in Kathmandu, Nepal, called Lucid we are a team of 30 experienced VFX and 3D artists on standby and the collective experience of our team ranges from The Orphanange in San Francisco, BA Animation at USC as well as BA in Film and Television from University of Westminster, London.

This company was established by me, a film school grad and Anand a VFX/Animation grad and we have since spent the last 3 years training up our locally based animators/artists., though collectively we have 15 years experience Our main area of expertise is rotoscoping, though we�ve also branched out into 3D animation and match moving. Straightforward editing is very simple for us as so is color correction and graphics.

Being based in Nepal, we are able to offer much more competitive rates and value than our neighbours such as India, though we believe strongly in fostering an environment which affords the opportunity for our staff to earn and learn way above the average Nepali salary. In terms of rates for standard roto we�re charging $6 per hour, per man. We work 8 hour days 6 days a week, so it can depend on how quickly the job needs to be completed as to how many people we put on it. Once we know this we can give you an estimation of cost, then you have the choice of paying for the project at an hourly rate, or we can negotiate a fixed rate working from our original price estimation. For Match Moving and 3D the rate is a little higher as the work is more complex, I would need to consult with these departments to give you a figure, but I�m sure it�ll be more reasonable than anything else you get quoted on in South Asia�
Please check our latest reel (link to our latest is below) out and don�t hesitate to contact if you have any further questions. Look forward to hearing from you

Murray Kerr
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