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Marco Aslan - Directing, Cinematography and editing

Demo Reels : Marco Aslan's Videos : Marco Aslan - Directing, Cinematography and editing

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Marco Aslan - Directing, Cinematography and editing
on Aug 26, 2009 at 2:07:46 am
United States
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3 segments - "Voyage", "The Music of Sergio Mendes", and "The Jettison of Jeremiah Johnston"

Hope you like it!
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Yes, I liked it!
by Priscilla David
It was Very aesthetically pleasing, the perspectives realy spoke volumes in capturing me, an audience member, it was so smooth and consistant. I loved the depth of field use as well as the colors and the fluid climatical matching of picture, sfx, storyline, and transtions. I watched it 3 times and get more out of it each time. I was confused as to why it was good that the guy was going to jump? The picture of all of it was so crisp and appropriate for what it was trying to express! ...I could go on, I just think it was excellent!
by Jason Milligan
There is some really beautiful photography showcased here.
by Marco Aslan
Hey thank you for the comments and for featuring my work! :-)
Beautiful work. We are now featuring you on our front page of the videos section.
by Ron Lindeboom
You are one of the five featured reels in our video section. You should be up there for a week or so. Great reel, Marco.
by Michael Brown
What a wonderful reel! Congratulations.
by Tim Wilson
Wonderful stuff, Marco. I especially enjoyed the small bit of Sergio Mendes, but it was all beautiful.

If you have a larger version of this reel, by all means upload it!
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