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EASY - Maintenance Crew

Demo Reels : Music Video : Graham Baclagon's Videos : EASY - Maintenance Crew

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EASY - Maintenance Crew
on Jan 25, 2010 at 8:19:07 pm
United States
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title: Easy
Artist: Maintenance Crew
Album: Plain and Simple
Label: Mcdonaldlize Society Records
Dir: Graham Baclagon
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Follow up
by Jim Hines
I was compelled to have a look at your website - you have several awesome music videos over there - most of which your video work outshines the music - #8 on the first series is freaking epic - pagan and sureal - who is the girl playing the kazoo and the dog chain in the second series? I love those songs and especially the way you shot it using hand held - single take - camera angles only - what are you shooting with? - I stand by my earlier observation "you have a real knack for making things look sexy" and that is gold.
I love these images
by Jim Hines
and the manner in which you have pieced them together - like a broken "looking glass" at times - I love the pacing of the cut - it consitantly maintains the "glimpsed at" "spied on" styling throughout - it's just naughty enough and IMHO avoids becoming tawdry - you have a knack for making things "sexy" - the dark haired girl imparticular comes off looking very exotic and enticing - the art direction and the elements you chose to focus our attention on are very intriguing - the scenario with the guy in the mask rocking the rapper and the drawings on the wall - cool - the color treatment is unique and warm and unobtrusive - the last shot with the sky feels like a "statement" made with color - I'm trying to avoid talking about the song because I think you are only responsible for the video - but - I loved the opening blend between styles - it made me sit up and really want to love the music - but after a minute or so it became somewhat redundant - I do like the chorus - whatever - you're video has significantly "enhanced" the music and to me that deserves - 5 cows.
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