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MDMA Show Reel

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MDMA Show Reel
on May 17, 2011 at 9:35:13 am
United Kingdom
My showreel.
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Re: MDMA Show Reel
by Matt Davis
I considered this carefully, and on this iteration went with what I've got, as how else can you do a reel as an editor? But as I shoot more, so we need to get 'sizzle' in the first 10 seconds. I don't know if you've ever watched people watching reels, but the first five to ten seconds can be lost as the audience futzes around with DVD players, volume, channel selection, coffee cups, other members of the audience... So, really you have 15-20 seconds to make the audience watch for another minute, then you'd better be done in two or three.

However, once they have the reel, you can refer them to other stuff later on in the video.

But yes - the next iteration does need to start with some camerawork 'sizzle' to reflect the changing emphasis, and whilst I'm there, I'll better chromakey clips, maybe some more graphic stuff.

FWIW, my company is simply Matt Davis Multimedia Associates, and yes - if the audience so chooses, they can see the similarity between my company name and the shorthand for a particular 'recreational pharmaceutical', which has generated amusement and happiness for those clients and suppliers who recognise this.

The only 'Fail' has been when I was looking into a Google Android phone - Google refused to engrave my email address on the rear, probably because it's matt at mdma dot tv. Such mindless and unthinking inflexibility cemented my choice of phone. Other that, everyone's happy. Rather fiiting, really.

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EX1 x2, T2i --> FCS3 (FCP, Motion, Colorista, Episode et al)
Re: MDMA Show Reel
by Ethan Duffy
Showing whole pieces obviously gives clients more of an idea of what they're going to get, but I would start off with a quick jumble of clips from different assignments to start off with.

I'm guessing you know this, but MDMA is short for the chemical name for ecstasy.

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