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mechanical visualisation

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mechanical visualisation
on Feb 13, 2011 at 7:26:34 pm
United Kingdom
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sample of 3d mechanical visualisation projects
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Re: mechanical visualisation
by Andrew Bonnor
That was amazing! good to see how your ideas were constructed, layered up then realized in situ...i guess heavy use of 3ds max, and AE too were used...or what did u use?.im well into this type of thing, bit of a newbie, can those constructs be translated to cad or or similar for engineers to build?
@Andrew Bonnor
by Marcus Mcdermott
Hi Andrew,
thank you for your comments.
I use Cinema 4D for all my 3d modelling and animation. The renders are straight from Cinema and just mixed into sequences in Vegas or Premiere.
The subsea oil tools are all built from the client's CAD files, converted to VRML2 and imported into Cinema 4D. There should be a number of file conversion programs available for converting to CAD from most popular 3D formats.
thanks again,
Re: mechanical visualisation
by Marcus Mcdermott
Thanks for the advice Mike, I have taken it onboard.
kind regards, Marcus.
Re: mechanical visualisation
by Mike Abbott
Intended as constructive, helpful critique: too long, too repetitive. Lighting and rendering quality is poor. One minute of really high quality work would serve you better.

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