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Media and Design Reel

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Media and Design Reel
on Dec 27, 2010 at 5:15:49 am
United States
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Media and Design short demo reel. For more see
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Re: Media and Design Reel
by Scott Bell
Thanks for the feedback, John, I appreciate it. Why does it always seem like the "reels" that you show everybody are the things that you just collage together and toss out there? Ought to be the opposite. It's kind of crazy. I've had lots of revisions in mind for a while now and will definitely keep your comments in mind when I get to reposting this thing.

Scott Bell
Re: Video: Media and Design Reel
by John Grote, Jr.
Hi Scott,

Your demo starts of with a nice graphic treatment, slows way down with some of the stuff at the top. The motorcycle and the talking heads have no nat sound under them. What is so cool about a motorcycle roaring down the road if you don't hear the sound of it shifting gears and giving your view the idea that they could feel the power and speed of the bike? Also, the same with talking heads, have them say something. Very boring to see someone speaking to the camera and you don't even get a sense of what they maybe saying.

That being said, I thought you finished off strong at the end and honestly I'd recut some of the stuff at the top to make it flow a little better.

J. Grote, Jr.
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