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MGMT Weekend Wars

Demo Reels : Music Video : Max Rowan's Videos : MGMT Weekend Wars

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MGMT Weekend Wars
on May 19, 2009 at 9:36:21 am
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A video we produced for MGMT's Weekend Wars. We used a huge amount of effects and layers to achieve the look in AE and it took some very long nights and days. Thanks for checking it out!
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How to
by Max Rowan

I can't provide a detailed tutorial. But we keyed out the band, and then used several layers of threshold, each set concurrently higher (or lower), and deleting the white so only the black was left on each layer. Each layer is given a colour overlay, and then mapped to change colour over time to the music. The backgrounds are just shapes with a slight metal finish, also set to change colour. The hard part was tracking the backgrounds to the band footage manually for each moving shot. Hope this helped, sorry for the late reply, only just saw it.

Cheers, Max
by Alexa Black
This is exactly the effect I've been trying to create in my own music video project!! Please, How id you do this? I've been fiddling with AE for days and I can't figure it out!
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