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Michael Baksh Demo Reel

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Michael Baksh Demo Reel
on Mar 29, 2014 at 8:07:02 pm
United States
my work is spread out between a demo reel a short trailer and a few other pieces of work that show case a wide range of projects.
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Re: Michael Baksh Demo Reel
by micahel baksh
I am interested in working as a 3D modeler and animator for your organization. I received my bachelors of fine arts from the University of Central Florida and have recently graduated from the University of Florida with my masters in digital arts and sciences. I have approximately 8 years of experience using 3D Studio Max and Autodesk Maya and their accompanying software. My most recent experience was as a graduate assistant at the University of Florida creating 3D characters and environments for a variety of projects including serious
and applied games as well as devised theater pieces. I also have experience with traditional sculpture and mold making as well as digital sculpting and 3D scanning and rendering. I work well with others, and I am experienced in conducting group analysis surveys and I have an understanding of the creative and technical process. I have experience dealing with both the “Scrum” and “Waterfall” development processes and I am willing and eager to learn anything else that is needed to succeed with you company. Thank you for your consideration.
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