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Mirela Muresan - freelance video editor

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Mirela Muresan - freelance video editor
on Jun 6, 2009 at 6:28:57 am
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a mix with the work I've done so far
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Lots of good work
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
I know most of the commercial work in your reel and I like it- good job! You've got some great material to work with, and although it looks good I feel that you can make it look even better. Present your demo in a story, a bit more in tune with the audio track- like in the beginning of your reel you have a strong feminine feel to that part of the cut that works really well. Include bits of the original audio of the clips and even use a couple of songs for the main audio track. They don't allow for 4.5 cows, so I rate this 5- good work!
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