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Monterey Bay Aquarium 121213

Demo Reels : Video : Roger Martin's Videos : Monterey Bay Aquarium 121213

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Monterey Bay Aquarium 121213
on Dec 13, 2013 at 6:28:16 am
I took this unedited 1080P 60 today with the D5300, hand held, not tripod allowed.
Your GH3 videos although much more professionally done, liked flat to me.
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@Monterey Bay Aquarium 121213
by Bill Bruner
Nice sharp, clean image, Roger. Here is a similar handheld shoot with the GH3 at the Cal Academy in San Francisco (shot through the glass by emm over at CheesyCam):

By flat, are you referring to color? If so, that's a choice. Most people shoot "Natural" on the GH3, I prefer the more colorful "Vivid".

I am a big Nikon fan. My first DSLR was a D50 (it's still on the shelf in the closet :)), and I would certainly recommend the D5300 to DSLR video shooters over any Canon Rebel. But I absolutely need the GH3's viewfinder and a headphone jack when I shoot video, and I have a very hard time buying a video camera with the Nikon/Canon/Sony 30 minute limit.

Best of the holidays to you and yours!

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