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Moving With Motion Commercial

Demo Reels : Commercial : Stephen Smith's Videos : Moving With Motion Commercial

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Moving With Motion Commercial
on Oct 16, 2009 at 8:29:06 am
United States
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The Moving with Motion DVD is available online at Creative COW Training Series store. This commercial shows off some of the ke [more]
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Re: Moving With Motion Commercial
by Joshua Kerr
Not a bad commercial. Very decent animation but not a great fan of the design or music. Seems far to frantic for what is essentially just images and text.

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Re: Moving With Motion Commercial
by albert lowhim
beautifully put together, though I am a student looking forward to the day I can do something like this!!
Re: Moving With Motion Commercial
by Jack Farrell
Great Demo in Very Short Time.
Re: Moving With Motion Commercial
by stu aull
cool but would rather see a "sampler" of actual tutorial to get better sense of content of actual training (!!)
by Stephen Smith
To get a good sense of my training style feel free to check out any of my free tutorials here on Creative COW. Here is a link to one of my favorites which is my creating a hologram video tutorial. Best of luck.

Stephen Smith
Utah Video Productions

Check out my Motion Training DVD

Check out my Motion Tutorials
Re: Moving With Motion Commercial
by George Rudaj
I am on the fence if I should get a Motion training DVD or an After Effects DVD. I would prefer motion because if works seamlessly on the Final Cut workflow but I'm afraid that After Effects is the more valuable program to learn. I guess my question is; is Motion just as good as AE? If not is it close?
Which one
by Stephen Smith
I use both AE and Motion. AE can do more then Motion can. It depends on what you want to do. Here is a link to somemotion graphics created in Motion. If that is the type of stuff you want to do I recommend Motion. For example, the TV Show open I did was created in Motion faster then I could have created it in AE.
The two program are very similar so if you wanted to jump from one to the other it will not be that difficult. Not sure if this helps but keep in mind I'm biased.

Stephen Smith
Utah Video Productions

Check out my Motion Training DVD

Check out my Motion Tutorials
by Stephen Smith
Thanks for your interest in purchasing Moving with Motion. There is a link below the video and here it is as well. Purchase Moving with Motion here.
Sorry for the confusion. I appreciate your comment. Best of luck.

If you are on a Mac I recommend Final Cut Pro. All of the other programs bundled with it are a must have. Another great place to post this question is the Art of the Edit forum. It has users from all sorts of editing applications there. Hope this helps and best of luck.
video editing software
by Elvis Zefi
Hi there I want to know which video editing software you recomend to use. because I live in Albania and I am a wedding producer
@ Tim Morley
by Ron Lindeboom
Hi Tim,

I have to take the heat on this. ;o)

There always seems to be a thousand things to do and to be honest, I have been so busy that I never noticed that there was no direct link on this video. I will fix that now.

Thank you for offering up your money. I know that Stephen will appreciate your offer. ;o)

Just below Stephen's smiling face you will find the link.
How to buy?
by Tim Morley
Commercial above
Motion training DVD for all levels of users.
by Stephen Smith
Great question. I built the Apple Motion training DVD in a way that it will benefit all levels of users. Follow the lessons in sequential order and you will be creating cool stuff in no time. Have fun and best of luck.
by carlton hathcoat
I have never used motion but want to learn, is the DVD good for me, or do you have a recommendation for a DVD or tutorial that would get me started?

by Stephen Smith
LeVar Davis, thanks for the kind words. I do not cover it, but here is a tutorial on how to do it here on the COW:
Best of luck.
Moving with motion
by LeVar Davis
What A great Dvd! It was definitely worth every penny! I had to ask though. did you go over how to create that cool 3d text you have in the commercial? just asking.
by Stephen Smith
None of the Creative COW DVDs are captioned.
by Sonia Pivac
Are all of your DVDs captioned?
by zak peric
Lovely work Stephen.
This is a must have DVD for all Motion freaks.
Can't wait to get it!
by Frank Philip
Thanks Stephen! I plan on buying this ASAP and look forward to future DVD's!


How much of the tutorials use Motion 3?
by Stephen Smith
Frank, Thanks for asking. Every Chapter in the "Moving with Motion" DVD is for Motion 3 and 4. Because of that, some chapters have two different versions. For example, one of the things chapter 12 covers is how to create a shadow. The Motion 3 version of chapter 12 shows you how to create a shadow from scratch. Where the Motion 4 version of the chapter teaches you how to utilize one of Motion 4's new 3D shadows feature. This is a great DVD feature because you can watch the Motion 3 Versions of the chapters where you will learn the same things, you will just learn how to create them from scratch. Then if you do get Motion 4, you can watch the Motion 4 versions of the chapters and learn some of Motion 4's new features with out having to buy an additional DVD.
How much of the tutorials use Motion 3?
by Frank Philip
I don't own Motion 4 and was wondering how much of the tutorials are Motion 3 based?

I bought your Money Making Graphics
by Gabe Strong
I bought your Money Making Graphics and Effects for Final Cut Studio 2 DVD and
it was great. So when I saw this DVD, I ordered it as well. I just got it yesterday
and as expected it is a top notch DVD full of really good stuff. If you want to learn
Motion, creating stuff that clients will like, I HIGHLY recommend this DVD!
by Robert Parker
Builds great tension and shows a part of what can be accomplished. I wanted to buy it!!
Forgot to star (cow) it!
by Aharon Rabinowitz
Forgot to add my stars... Again, great work.
Very Nice Ad!
by Aharon Rabinowitz
Dude - I am impressed. Great ad. Congratulations on the DVD!
by Dan Johnson
This commercial is really cool, I can't believe you made this in Motion. I had no idea it could do all that stuff. Keep posting more of your awesome work.
I got your DVD as a gift-as the other person wrote, it's a must have.
Stephen works magic
by Kim Rowley
I pre-ordered my copy. I hope to make my graphics look a fraction as good as his! He exudes passion in all his work. Thanks for sharing it.
A MUST have!
by Fernando Battle
Bought the first video it was great. Chocked with useful information and real world techniques. It's a must have for new and advanced editors. Stephen's previous DVD is a staple in my editor's toolkit. He spends more time on real world applications and not the same old click this or move that there. This is a no brainer.
Moving With Motion Commercial
by Stephen Smith
The commercial states that this DVD is for users of Motion 3 or 4.

The Moving with Motion DVD focuses on how to learn Motion and great design concepts, something I've never seen in another Motion DVD. A matter of fact, the first chapter is dedicated to just design concepts. Understanding how to make an eye pleasing design is just as important as learning how to create in Motion. This DVD also has a chapter on the Track points behavior which I've never heard of anyone covering in their Motion training DVD. To see what I'm writing about re-watch the commercial and look for the clip with the Mountain. This DVD also covers the paint feature in three different chapters. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of the tool and learn how to overcome problems such as; how do you make graphics created outside of Motion look like they are writing onto the screen? This is just three of the many ways this DVD stands out from the crowd. A description of each chapter will be available on the purchase page soon.

To watch examples of my work to see if you like my teaching style please watch these free Motion tutorials on: Creating a Hologram and Creating Customized Motion Templates

I wish you the best of luck.
Is this any different?
by Jesse Dean
I'd like to see a sample from the DVD. I already have another Motion training video. How is this different? And what version of Motion is it using?
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