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MUSIC OF GENE - Lubo Belak

Demo Reels : Music Video : Lubomir Belak's Videos : MUSIC OF GENE - Lubo Belak

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MUSIC OF GENE - Lubo Belak
on Feb 9, 2010 at 1:47:16 pm
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Video is created on music composition Music of Gene. The project is based on converting genome-encoded protein sequences into musical notes in order to hear auditory protein patterns. Composer and vid [more]
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Thanks for your words Jim. I
by Lubomir Belak
Thanks for your words Jim. I am an hippie generation, so I see it like you wrote. Lubo Belak
This appeals to my sense of the absurd - surreal - experimentation
by Jim Hines
and sparks memories of psychodelic days of yore - it's a good cut - I think you used the dancers to good effect and you've got a nice mix of images that evoke visceral feelings - and of course you use one of my favorite blur effects - vector - continue rocking!
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