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MUSICAL PIRATE music video

Demo Reels : Commercial : John Knowles's Videos : MUSICAL PIRATE music video

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MUSICAL PIRATE music video
on Apr 8, 2010 at 4:44:56 am
United Kingdom
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Music video for the European artist Lewsor; commissioned through Radar Music Videos. I wrote the cyberpunk-inspired treatment for the video, in which a hacker raids a server in virtual space. Shot on [more]
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Re: MUSICAL PIRATE music video
by Tim Parsons
Nice use of AE! I'm sure VideoCopilot came in handy.

Just a few constructives...

1, when the hacker was downloading the various genres and they dissolved into his hands, the particles seemed too basic. very out-of-place. they almost needed to be more complex instead of a simple spherical particle system.

2, the laser attack on the hacker seemed a bit animated. i know it really is animated, but it needed to be worked on to make it a little less cartoon-y. great use of depth of field blur, though!

3, when the hacker is dancing with the particle systems coming from his hands, they seemed very composited on. they almost needed to interact more with his hand more. maybe use some masking or some glowing on his hand? but they just seemed stuck on there.

4, a general bit of advice for all your fast-moving particle systems: at present, you can see the individual particles as they are emitted. either increase the shutter speed in the Particular settings, and/or particles per second. this will smooth out the particle edges.

All-around, great video, even though i like to pick out areas of improvement. the holographic graphics were excellent, the keying was perfect, the concept solid, and the coloring was effective.

keep up the good work!
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