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DEAD! - My Chemical Romance

Demo Reels : Music Video : Brad Strickman's Videos : DEAD! - My Chemical Romance

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DEAD! - My Chemical Romance
on Jan 19, 2010 at 8:33:44 am
United States
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My Chemical Romance - Dead!

A spec music video.

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Great job!
by Mel Teruz
At the beggining, I couldn't get use to the sound effects added to the animations, but as the video goes one, they get better and better .. great timing!

The texturized typography it's nice, but sometimes I felt it didn't match with the style of the illustrations.

Anyways, great composition & animation!

Keep on!
I like it.
by Jim Hines
This video is better than average - the typography effect is getting played out but you did a nice job of texturizing your text (?) to compliment the tone of the music - I like your animations - My niece loves this band so I believe you've made your characters in the right stlye based on what I've been made aware of this band by her - I believe you deserve more than 3 cows for this and I really wish others would leave even a brief comment as to why they're scoring it the way that they do. It would be very helpful to the artist i think - I'm giving you 5 cows because I don't believe you had access to this band and you are making a video totally from scratch and you did a great job considering that. If I'm wrong then I guess it would be more like 3.2 - because that text thing really is played out - cool? Rock on!
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