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Taketoshi Kumada Demo-2009 Sep

Demo Reels : Taketoshi Kumada's Videos : Taketoshi Kumada Demo-2009 Sep

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Taketoshi Kumada Demo-2009 Sep
on Sep 13, 2009 at 6:47:20 am
United States
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I'm college student studying filmmaking in Long Beach, CA.

This is my first director/editor demo reel. I'd like to have suggestion and critique (and encouragement, too)

Thank you very much!
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question actuallz
by Katja Stotmeister
Hey, I enjoyed ur reel very much actually, and I particularly enjoyed the pacing of it. I actually think you should narrow your selection down to what are your most prominent selections and then show a bit more of those particular productions. Style in edit and cinematography will show greater impact (as in less is more).

Also, I love the choice of music u picked for ur piece. Very nicely underlines the cinematic feel. I was also wondering, if you had a tip on where to look for music and such.

Thanks, Katja.
by Taketoshi Kumada
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your advice, and that's true. I'll narrow down the selection I have made and make this demo better.

I looked for the music from the movie I like, "All About Lily Chou Chou" I loved the mood of the film, so I wanted to use the music from it.
To Linas
by Taketoshi Kumada
Hi, thank you for your comment. I am always interested in and try to create attractive color, so I'm really glad to hear that. I used HVX200 on "Anthem"
very nice
by Linas Grubys
I like your work. Excellent color. What camera did you use for "Anthem"?
Kevin Shepard
by Taketoshi Kumada
Thank you for your comment. I'm very glad that you *really* like this. This kind of encouragement is vital for me to create next film. I really appreciate it!
by Taketoshi Kumada
Michael Slowe, I think I would cut down the numbers of the production to show next time. I need to emphasize my strong point.
Demo Reel
by Michael Slowe
Very well shot with great camerawork but covering so many productions makes it a bit muddled. I would like to see a complete piece to judge your editing and pacing.
Michael Brown
by Taketoshi Kumada
Thank you for your comment! I'll challenge to achieve more professional work and will post next time.
Nice Reel!
by Michael Brown
Beautiful colors, beautiful light. Congratulations!
Re: John Stanowski
by Taketoshi Kumada
Thanks for your comment. I had a lot of fun color grading the music video. A lot of compose mode in FCP.
by Kevin Shepard
Hi, Taketoshi... I *really* like your work here! It seems that you're a good storyteller. I like the pacing, lighting, and angles that you use... there's a lot of subtle nuance. Thank you for sharing... す
Good stuff
by John Stanowski
Stuff is good.
I like the coloring on Jiku.
Thank you for your comment! I'll
by Taketoshi Kumada
Thank you for your comment!

I'll post my music video and the latest short, "PACT" when it's done.
Nice work!
by Tim Wilson
Very lyrical, deep colors. I enjoyed it!

If you have other clips, such as shorts or music videos, be sure to post those too.
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