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MY UNCLE (radio edit) - Ill Bill

Demo Reels : Music Video : Adam Calfee's Videos : MY UNCLE (radio edit) - Ill Bill

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MY UNCLE (radio edit) - Ill Bill
on Jan 19, 2010 at 9:59:09 pm
United States
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"My Uncle" is MoreFrames' first commissioned piece. It is the official music video for Brooklyn-based rapper, Ill Bill's track "My Uncle," off of the album "The Hour of Reprisal." Directed and anima [more]
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Wake up eat a box a Cap 'n Crunch and go back to sleep
by Jim Hines
that line stands out - I like this song as tragic as it is - if it weren't for frames like 1:16 - 2:12 and 2:40 It might feel like using animation to tell the story is "cartoonizing" drug abuse but in this case I think the animation helps convey the experience to the viewer from out of the mind and eyes of a kid watching it happen - that opening audio - that's for real? Demons wow! All right - I'll give it five maybe somebody else can rationalize why it deserves less. Rock on!
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