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NECROSIS - feature film trailer

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NECROSIS - feature film trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 7:41:17 am
United States
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This is the trailer for the feature film, "Necrosis" from Unknown Productions Inc. It is a lower budgeted horror film shot on location in Lake Tahoe in Jan/Feb 2008. It was released internationally th [more]
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by Jason Stephens
I'm not worried about any negative comments. A one cow-er will probably rent it to see if they were right. I hope!

We shot this film in 15 days, on location in Lake Tahoe, under the SAG Ultra-Low agreement, with nearly everyone working for free or way under what they were worth. I am proud of the accomplishment of finishing a feature film under limited budget.... and I am happy that it is getting a U.S. direct to DVD/PPV/VOD, and sold ten countries through Cannes, Mipcom, and AFM.

Even in my very critical rating of my own film, I can honestly say that it is better than some of the other direct to DVD movies I have pulled off the shelf at my local Blockbuster. It's no paranormal activity (sarcasim should shine through)..... but then we kept it pretty safe with the script/shooting style/premise.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the Trailer. We are trying to get a little free publicity anywhere we can.

I come to Creative Cow for editing advise when I get stuck in FCP dreamland. I saw the Trailer deal and decided to post mine.
Wow, Shian Storm, what's with all your "1" ratings?
by charles pierce
You have one of the most predictable trailers in the COW contest and yet you go around attacking other people's work? Maybe you need to treat your PMS or something. This trailer is about as predictable and formulaic as your own -- not necessarily a bad thing, considering its target audience. Should we all rate your trailer with one cow?
Well done!
by David Dobson
I've no interest in the film - but the trailer is as good as could be.
Gotta Love it!
by Brian Berneker
Yep, the perfect amount of camp for a hack'n'slash, and has just the right tempo for it too. Berryman's appearance is definitely a plus (gotta say the guy's a great sport for being typecast so long after HHI) and it's brazen enough with the explicit gore that it tell you the audience is in for a nice scary ride! One of my horror film friends I have in mind would go for this movie hook, line and sinker!
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