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Ned Weisman's "Classic" Editorial Reel

Demo Reels : Ned Weisman's Videos : Ned Weisman's "Classic" Editorial Reel

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Ned Weisman's "Classic" Editorial Reel
on Oct 24, 2009 at 11:33:40 pm
United States
Ned Weisman, Editor, Director and Producer shows the "Classic" reel.
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Ned's "Classic" Reel/Hannibal fottage.
by Ned Weisman
The Hannibal footage on my reel is an alternative trailer.
The "Out of Retirement Montage" that I edited was part of the publicity for the release of the film.
Hannibal.... Seriously?
by Richard Cooper
Hi Ned, I was watching your editing reel and see that you have Hannibal footage for the first minute and a half. Did you work on this film?... with Pietro Scalia? Must have been quite an experience!
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