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Nick Jossendal Demo Reel

Demo Reels : Nick Jossendal's Videos : Nick Jossendal Demo Reel

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Nick Jossendal Demo Reel
on Mar 1, 2011 at 6:43:40 pm
United States
Nick Jossendal is your videographer in shining armor. He's not here to "just get it done" or "push it out". He is here to over perform and over deliver. His skills start in pre production and don't en [more]
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Re: Nick Jossendal Demo Reel
by Josh Paulson
Found the option to resize it. It was on top. :)
Re: Nick Jossendal Demo Reel
by Josh Paulson
I like how you talk about yourself in the third person. I can almost hear Keith Stone doing this voice over.
Good looking shots. Seems a little short to me as a whole. And it could just be me but the 1080 was a little cumbersome to maneuver to fit my screen. I didn't see a choice to drop it back to 720 which would have helped.
Keep making art!
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