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Nick so close

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Nick so close
on Aug 31, 2010 at 5:51:10 pm
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A fantasy conversation and exercise in freedom. Forget the cam, watch the man.
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Re: Nick so close
by Michael Locke
Hello Stephen,
Thanks so much for your time, and input (esp. the cushy chair counter-point). I so agree on the close-ups, but this is what Meisner actors call a "fantasy" (what you might dream to say to someone). Very personal, so all elements are chosen by the actor (including lighting). No intrusion is allowed by the camera, and no zoom I know of (or can afford) is fast enough for the poor lighting. Add in that I'd had my T2i 3 weeks, with no previous shooting experience. I was just lucky enough to document an improvisation with huge "peaks and valleys" that seems to me like every artist's struggle. Nick (Frangione) and I are now making a feature (as he said he would) that he's written, is directing, and I am the DP on. Thanks again, I owe so much to the Cow community, Michael
Re: Nick so close
by Stephen Berry
Good draft but needs some visual counterpoint (e.g. strategic close-ups of actor and cushy chair) to crank up audience engagement in the impressive emotional output of this actor. The high drama of the actor could be nicely contrasted with the inanity of the cushy chair (just sitting, sitting, sitting). Some unused prop elements are distracting, since this piece only needs five props: a floor, a hard chair, a cushy chair, a stocking cap, and a door. Overall nice job. Several palpable turns in this piece create moments of insight and empathy that are memorable.

Stephen Berry
Ann Arbor, MI
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