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NiGHTS: JOURNEY OF DREAMS - Wii game trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : Victor Carbonneau's Videos : NiGHTS: JOURNEY OF DREAMS - Wii game trailer

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NiGHTS: JOURNEY OF DREAMS - Wii game trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 7:29:24 pm
United States
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The NiGHTS trailer is an updated version of the teaser that was created for Destination Playstation. The trailer incorporates game footage rather than concept art and was shown at E3 Media & Business [more]
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It's Good To Feel Young Again
by Rick Pearson
Is it odd that I find a game trailer to encapsulate the very best of what a motion film trailer should embrace? There is a structure at play here that bares a tale - one with a certain familiarity and universal appeal. As a child, who doesn't dream of what it would be like for our feet to leave the ground with just a simple thought? The very best parts of fantasy seem to be embodied in a well formulated promotional trailer. It begins with stunning surrealistic views of the 'real world' that lead to bright flights of fantasy through new landscapes begging for exploration, and then at the right moment ...we're introduced to a danger. A danger to us? A danger to our fantasy? Perhaps to endanger one is to endanger the other.
An excellent trailer. Great job, Victor.
by Mark Nancetor
Both of your trailers in this contest are included in my favorites and I have to give them a 5 rating. The voiceover in this one is perfect. Do you remember who did it? One of those classic trailer voices.
Voice Over
by Victor Carbonneau
Thanks Mark,
I'm glad you enjoy the trailers. If I recall correctly, the voice over for this one was Jim Cummings who in addition to trailers does Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and the Tazmanian Devil.
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