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NIGHTS OF DECEMBER - Against the Wall

Demo Reels : Music Video : David Jakubovic's Videos : NIGHTS OF DECEMBER - Against the Wall

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NIGHTS OF DECEMBER - Against the Wall
on Jan 31, 2010 at 10:39:48 pm
United States
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This is a music video I directed and edited for the band "Against the Wall," called "Nights of December." The band images were shot on Red, and the rest on Panasonic's HPX-2000 using the native lens.
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The later acting fits but the earlier kissing scenes are far too over-acted to be even close to believable
by charles pierce
The kissing scenes are so over acted that I almost didn't make it through to the later scenes. But I toughed it out and the later scenes are far better and work with the story.

It it had all been like the last two-thirds, I'd have given you a 4. But the much too over-acted kissing scenes pull it down to a 3 for me. Where you lit the cymbals on fire at one point, it should have been their lips. That would have given it a campy edge.
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