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GHOST (Track 19 III) - Nine Inch Nails

Demo Reels : Music Video : Franck Pierron's Videos : GHOST (Track 19 III) - Nine Inch Nails

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GHOST (Track 19 III) - Nine Inch Nails
on Aug 3, 2009 at 4:51:45 pm
United States
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A music video i directed and edited/shot (and a few others things) in LA, for the Nine Inch Nails Ghost film festival.
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@GHOST (Track 19 III) - Nine Inch Nails
by Harvey Wiesenberg
Perhaps the band wanted that story line.If so/Its to bad.There are other visual designs and FX which can enhance their music.Good Luck.

by Tudor Jelescu
The cut is really well done,same with the camera work and the color grading, nice vfx- it flows really nice.
The only reason I can't give it 5 cows is the fact that the story could actually be told in 30 sec with the same or even greater impact. I think it is a bit too long.
Nice Branding
by Michael French
NIN harkens back to his earlier material! Nicely coordinated video! See Kraftwerk's "Trans-Europe Express" video too--it had similar audio / video syncopation with mechanical movement.
thanks everyone & details.....
by Franck Pierron
Thanks a lot to's good to have so much positive response to my true first music video.
For the details, it has been shot with 2 HVX200, one with minipro 35 (i wish we could have two), 3 HMI and one kinoflo (4 banks 4 ft long).
We shot it in 720P/23.976 some sequences have been shot by overcranking (up to 60 frames/sec)
And the editing has been done on an Avid Media Composer HD.
I think you know everything now!!!
If you have any further questions, email me @
Music Video
by Joseph Seckelman
The camera work and editing were VERY impressive. Only criticism is the credits, I wish they had some fire and smoke as the NIN had. Joe Seckelman
great stuff!
by Stephen Wolf
i luv the NIN 'ghost' tracks, and this is a great visualization of the music. i esp like the photography -- nice work!!
I love nine inch nails (the band)
by scott novasic
that Video is Classic NIN Imagery. Nice use of envirionment and lighting...
by roger clark
Great footage, I would love to know more details.
GREAT video!
by Tim Wilson
Even if I'd never heard of Nine Inch Nails, I'd love this movie! Now, it happens that I LOVE Nine Inch Nails, and love this album....not perhaps as much as Our Heroine....but this is a beautiful piece. Very nicely done. Thanks for including the credits, too!
exactly...true fan....that is!!!!
by Franck Pierron
exactly...true fan....that is!!!!

That girl is one dedicated fan
by Ron Lindeboom
Now that is commitment.

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