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NMC world logo in DV

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NMC world logo in DV
on May 14, 2015 at 7:52:13 pm
This is what I made in 2008 with AE4 and waxworks pro animator plugin 4.5.
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Re: looking for an old AE/Zax 4.5 tutorial
by Nelson May
Please see the attachment of what I am trying to produce.

A few years ago someone sent me a tutorial or I found it on making a ratting earth with the "universal studios text. Back then I have AE4 and Zaxwerks 4.5. Many times without success, I have tried to resize my comp from DV to 720. The results are not the same. I was told waxworks would change settings as a plug in to AE, but apparently I come up with multi colored text, and when I go back into AE 2015, the earth is cut off by some type of a mask?

It has been so long since I tried this, I wanted to start from the ground up in AE 2015 szx pro animator 8 (plug in)

I seem to remember that you created a comp, went into the sax plug in, wrapped a large picture of the earth around a sphere and added text. Once back in AE, I added a star field and some lens flair.

Anyway, I am all thumbs here and I need an HD version of this comp. Can anyone remember the tutorial or can you help me with steps?


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