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OBSESSION - Marius Nedelcu

Demo Reels : Music Video : Tudor "Ted" Jelescu's Videos : OBSESSION - Marius Nedelcu

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OBSESSION - Marius Nedelcu
on Jan 16, 2010 at 10:37:10 am
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Shot on RED, cut in two night sessions, with heavy grading for a different b&w look, this music video was co-directed by the Romanian artist Marius Nedelcu, together with the vfx guru and director Tud [more]
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by Catalin Popa
Nice image treatment, nice shots, interesting choreography. Hair and dress kind of 80's punk, nice.
My opinion
by Mihaela Iacob
I don't want to talk about the song, but I like your vision on it... The black and white gives a special feel and keeps you commected until the end... and I like the locations :)
really my opinion
by florin stanciu
i like the song, but the video is really great.
i'm looking forward for the next one
My "opinion" only
by Jim Hines
I hate everything about this song - the fashions - and the played out chorus dancing - but - but - Everything you did here is really well realized - your dancers are awesome - the shots are graded nicely and well selected - nice transitions especially towards the end and I listened to the whole thing and was even involuntarily tapping my foot - really nice work - 5 stars -
by Tudor Jelescu
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