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BOP TILL I DROP - Old Skin Blues Band

Demo Reels : Music Video : Jeroen Joosten's Videos : BOP TILL I DROP - Old Skin Blues Band

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BOP TILL I DROP - Old Skin Blues Band
on Jan 20, 2010 at 8:52:31 am
Netherlands, The
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A videoclip for a local blues named The Old Skin Blues Band. In this video we created a twenties look. The video is produced at a low budget. The band arranged the club, the dressed audience themselve [more]
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I can't stand it either -
by Jim Hines
sorry man but this is not the blues - this kind of "music" is best enjoyed at a live event when you've maybe had a few and think you might score with that girl who loves to dance - not as a music video. Aside from that your video is hampered by a couple of things - the occasional red color cast and the overly feathered vignette to name a couple - as far as the story goes - not all of your actors are in period costume but you have them featured - right up front at times - the girls who are in period costume are bunched together at one point all with the cigerette holders - so I guess I'm saying poor staging - some story elements (poker, mobsters coming in to the room) are started but never followed up on - I thought there might be a ball room brawl when the - what looked like mobsters came in - at around :36 you refer to an actress as the sister (who could be that aforementioned girl who likest to dance) but at 1:26 you refer to another actress as the sister - yeah you could have two sisters but - in a short video why confuse things? I could go on with things I don't like about this but - The guitar solo is rockin' - you at least had a concept and a direction and that is admirable - the sound quality is good - I didn't notice any sync issues - you cut effectively to the beat on occassion - I'm trying to give you honest feed back from a disinterested third pary - It's not intended to be mean - 3 cows from me - Rock on!
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