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ON MY STOOP - Erin and Her Cello

Demo Reels : Music Video : Andrea Lira's Videos : ON MY STOOP - Erin and Her Cello

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ON MY STOOP - Erin and Her Cello
on Jan 15, 2010 at 4:00:17 pm
United States
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This music video is inspired by the music of the great cellist and song writer Erin and Her Cello. I wanted to illustrate the world that we imagine when we fall in love and how it is idealized. In thi [more]
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@ON MY STOOP - Erin and Her Cello
by Harvey Wiesenberg
Your cello video homage is beautifully crafted and enjoyable.The simplicity of your story and graphics are touching. Nice Work.

by Andrea Lira
I wanted to thank you for all your nice comments, It has been a great experience to participate in this competition.
LOVE the hand drawn animation
by Joy and Noelle Vaccese
Hand drawn music videos are rare these days because it's so incredibly time consuming. I love the way you gave each animal life and personality. It was unpretentious and sweet, and you created a very cute world. The juxtaposition with live action was lovely with the colors you chose. I especially like the etch quality in the beginning. I read a comment that suggested the whole video being that way, and while I agree it would have been beautiful, I know from experience that it would have taken forever. I think you handled the transition nicely.
I only wish the quality was a bit better so I could watch it the way it was meant to be seen! Great work - 5!
It Works Together
by David Lustig
The sweet music/voice combined with the supportive and imaginative video combine to make a really nice portrait of the Erin and her 'cello.
Erin and Her Cello
by Victor Mannerino
Loved the concept, the sound and the background. And it entertains.
very cool concept
by Paul Nordin
I really liked the simple clean animation mixed with live action. Her red dress a great complment to the stark BW animation. The live action cinematography was weak though, and for that I knocked it down a point. Lighting was not consistent, and the keying on the wide shot was poor. Otherwise, very cute.
by Tom Hart
Crackling sounds must be audio artifacts from the file conversion. Video quality was a bit jaggy in parts, but great animation, song, and performance.
Does anyone else hear ...
by David Ellis
a crackling on the track?
like it definitely needs more cowbell,
by Rick Sustek
like it
definitely needs more cowbell, err, I mean cello!
great idea
by Tudor Jelescu
First the good stuff: it's a brilliant idea, I love the mix of the animation and live character. I liked the b&w vs color. It's fun- simple but smooth. Good job!
The not so good stuff: I would not mix color and shades of gray in the drawing style. The question "why there" comes to mind when you see color and I did not find a reason. Sometimes the drawings of the animals have too thin of a line - in my opinion you should have stuck to the "etching" look from the beginning to end. And yeah- like someone else mentioned, better green screen and a celo solo... 4 cows
beautiful and elegant
by cynthia granville
Beautiful video. I thought the elegant, clean, spare quality of the animation matched the music perfectly. The only thing that would make the video work better for me would be fewer mouth shots, as these didn't add any new visual information after the first shot and i would rather have seen more of the singer's facial expressions, more of the cello, or more of the wonderful animation.
Elegant, Harmonic, Beautiful
by Claudio Midolo
Loved it, the visual voice of the video works in great synchrony with the music, they sum powering each other up.

The choice of black and white mixed with some chosen colored elements makes it simple yet elegant (the part with the two flying ducks at the beginning of the more instrumental section is pure poetry).

You succeeded in keeping the narrative tension up for the whole duration, I really wanted to see how it was going to end.

Just one advices, watch out for the subject lightning in the keyed parts, sometimes she looks too dark or faded in comparison to the background.

Great work, keep it up!
captivating !
by shirley kagan
Loved it!
have watched it several times and it only gets better
cannot wait to see more of your work
by Maggie Hagedorn
You make me want to fall in love again!
Beautiful song, beautiful film, I want to see more!
by Steven Kutny
Love your style Andrea! This animation makes me smile :-) It's fun, clever, and entertaining every time I watch.
by Patricia Pupkin
Un verdadero orgullo ver esta creación. Felicitaciones a la artista.
by jia zhang
These drawing are amazing, they are simple and very graceful. It is a very light and smart way to make a stylish and playful video.
really beautiful
belle et créative
by irene gintzburger
J'ai apprécié et beaucoup aimé cette vidéo. Comme les "maisons d'architecte" cette vidéo est une vidéo "d'artiste". Pleine d'imagination, de délicatesse, de créativité.
J'aurais peut être aimé voir et entendre un peu plus Erin et son cello, c'est la ma seule remarque.
Dois-je traduire ????
by Xavier Romero
Lo lindo no se analiza, se disfruta...

The beauty is not discussed, only appreciated ...
Beautiful job. You are a great
by zoe schack
Beautiful job. You are a great animator!!
Erin and her cello
by Pamela Abbott
What extraordinary animation. Andrea Lira is not only talented and gifted, but it is also evident that she creates from the depth of her heart. I look forward to seeing more of her videos.
I like it a lot
by Julia Jenkins
I really enjoyed the innocence and playfulness of the animation
I love this video except for one important thing...
by Ron Lindeboom
I still gave it a 5, but I really should have deducted a point because there is no video whatsoever of the cello solo towards the end of the song. That seems a real liability to a video that promotes itself as "the great cellist" Erin and Her Cello. I kept waiting for the cello solo to appear. It never did. You could still use blend modes to composite the birds flying with the cello being played. If that were added, I think that this video could see huge success. Yes, there are bluescreen issues and other things that I see, but I think overall most people will forgive those issues because it's so cute. But without showing Erin and Her Cello (as billed), I think that there is far less chance. But I give it 5 cows anyway, just because I like the idea and most of the execution -- and because I am a real softie when it comes to groups like The Weepies and Erin and Her Cello. Hey, I like almost every kind of music, even the really cute kind.
by Jim Hines
Hey, I gave it 5 stars - does what a mvideo should - I'm not one who would listen to this song - make no mistake - she is a very talented musician - I'm referring to musical preferences in my remark - your video held my attention and I watched it all the way through - nice idea and fairly well realized - ways to improve - my opinion and my opinion only - better green screen key - substitute another shot in place of the mouth shots - towards the end I noticed some color added to the black and white line drawings - unless I missed it - maybe start that earlier and work your way up to full color - when I'm in love it is in "vibrant" technicolor - really good stuff - rock on.
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