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on Feb 6, 2010 at 7:13:05 pm
United States
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A refreshing departure visually from the bulk of the hip hop videos 'Optimist' is less about bling and more about making a visual statement. A cut n' paste and stop motion technique that plays through [more]
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by Gully Jewelz
i love the "car" shot! excellente!
nicely done!
by Than Baardson
Great job Maria! Great song and nice low-key video. The laid-back feel of the whole thing is a lovely escape from a lot of other jumble out there.
What did you use for a backdrop on most of the shots? Paper?
Nice work!
by charles moore
I love the cup thing at the beginning and the cutouts in the cars - it looks like you had a lot of fun putting this together! great song too :)
i love the play between live
by Brandy MacInnis
i love the play between live action and animation!
by Frank Niermann
Easygoing, good mood video ...
very good work
by Jonathan pannacciò
yes, how Mr.Ron say below, the best in genre for sure, and one of my favorite ^_^. for shooting quality, creative animation and direction.
That's terrific!
by matt kresling
This is great. I like the paper figures in the cars, and definitely my favorite moment is at 2:25 when he jumps and makes an O-face.
Mostly LOVE it -
by Jim Hines
what can I find wrong with a video that has a kid that looks like my eight year old @1:07? - but - let me try - LOL - you are extremely talented - the purpose of finding any fault is to help - hopefully - by giving you insight from a disinterested third party viewer - okay? - so - It's starts with the cup sequence - for me - you appear to have decided to cut on the beat with that section but it misses the beat - for me - @ :11, :15, :20 - that was uncomfortable - I absolutely love the camera work and cutting with the cars because for the most part you really get the sense of speed and perspective except when you get to 2:24 - the jump - something happens to the flow there and I'm not feeling the realistic motion any longer - this is a comment from my 12 year son who watched this with me - he loves stop motion and loved this but really didn't like the thought bubbles - very adamant about that - he felt like the lyrics didn't need emphasizing and that the art of the bubbles simply didn't match the rest of the feel - felt canned to him - I'm just reporting - We liked this song a lot - I really love the musical change up at 2:37 - (check this guy for a hip-hop cut that I believe is near flawless - Graham Baclagon) - you're color grade on the driving scenes is perfect and again the camera work and cutting there for the most part is just awesome - - Love the population at the traffic jam - I absolutely love the pealing away of the stickers - really cool - the wrap-up coming out of the green screen - nice and clever - I enjoyed this video -watched it several times - I'm a big fan of this cut and paste technique and I really like the song a lot - You most definitely have your own rhythm - 5 Cows from me - good luck!
An excellent entry, Maria
by Ron Lindeboom
This is my favorite video in the rap/hip hop genre, Maria. It has a fresh approach and I think you did some vibrant techniques that hold up well across the length of the video.
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