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A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso

Demo Reels : Music Video : Eduardo Souza's Videos : A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso

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A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
on Jan 19, 2010 at 8:28:51 pm
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This 2009 music video was conceived and created by Eduardo Souza and Rodrigo Lima, founding partners of Rio de Janeiro based design and animation production company, PAVE Gastronomia Visual. "Os Para [more]
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Re: A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
by Terry Gamwells
Very impressive video. Even though my Spanish is very limited the vibe to the song and video is superb.

Terry Gamwells
Re: A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
by Felipe de Melo
Muito bom e achei muito inteligente a técnica com muita sequencia de fotos e chroma apenas no grupo e na menina, mas o trabalho deve ter sido enorme de qualquer forma. Parabéns Eduardo. Um salve tupiniquim ;)
Re: A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
by Flavio Crestani
Eu fui um dos primeiros a fazer videoclips aqui no Brasil, inclusive com os Paralamas nos anos 80... Adorei esse trabalho, ficou muito bom mesmo, parabéns...

(I was one of the first videoclips to do here in Brazil, including the Fenders in 80 years ... I loved that job, was very good, congratulations ...)
@Flavio Crestani
by Harvey Wiesenberg
Even though I don't speak spanish,I enjoyed your fun music,along with the colorful and captivating images,Well done.

Re: A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
by Kevin Mattson
Impressive video...The music blends very well with this Fun and Exciting eye popping entertaining video all the way through till the end!

Kevin Mattson

Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous Journey that never ends...

Re: A LHE ESPERAR - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
by Gordon Robertson
this was really good guys
by Jim Hines
Congratulations on your win Eduardo and team - well deserved - a stand out among many very worthy entries - Rock on!
by Bernardo Leite
Brasil mandando ver nas produções de clipe e cinema!
è isso aee!
Vamo que vamo!

by Tiago da Marta

Muito bom, parabéns a toda a equipe que trabalhou nesse projecto.
Great Video
by Robb Thompson
This is a really nice video. Very original and nicely done. You can tell you put lot of time into it. What did you use for post... after effects??? flash???
That's stunning, I love that crazy
by David Jakubovic
That's stunning, I love that crazy cube-head!
Muito bom !
by Fede Puopolo
Parabéns Eduardo, bom trabalho. O filme é perfeitamente integrado com a animação, eo vídeo é muito alegre, como a canção. É uma alegria ver o bom trabalho feito por essas pessoas da América do Sul, como a sua, os de Sebastian Lopez e Daniel Coutinho. Perdoe a minha escrita, estou aprendendo Português :)

Eduardo Congratulations, good job. The film is seamlessly integrated with the animation, and video is very happy, as the song. It is a joy to see the good work done by these people of South America, like yours, the Sebastian Lopez and Daniel Coutinho. Forgive my writing, I am learning Portuguese:)
I love this video!
by Kathlyn Lindeboom
And I love the song. It just makes you feel happy. The animation reinforces that. Thank you for submitting it.
coolest video
by gus vaz
muito bom o video...
acho até q ja vi esta menina pela rua !!!!!
by James Lynch
One of the most creative music video`s I seen.
by Tudor Jelescu
I liked the use of the 2.5 D compositing, the camera moves, the artwork and the color grading- great job! 5 cows for me
Like it. Especially the tonality and
by Rick Sustek
Like it.
Especially the tonality and shading of much of the imagery used in the scenes.

On the down side, perhaps a bit too much use of changing camera perspective. I think this is a technique that is really cool currently, because it is now possible with tools like After Effects, Motion, etc., but may show itself to be "dated" fairly quickly. Just a thought.
Tulio you are right...
by James O'Malley
Hello Tulio and thanks for the comments. I agree with you that the bit rate is too high, so playback is jumpy even with a fast connection. I will speak with Eduardo about uploading a smaller one for faster download and smoother playback.

All the best!
Great Work
by Tulio Campregher
Amazing motion graphics work and integration with live action.
Clearly the video shares the mood of the song.
As a side note, I see the video was uploaded at owners compression, and I must say 8Mbps is way too optimistic, even on a very fast connections, what in turn may affect the amount of people who will be able to enjoy this clip.
regards, Tulio
Making Of
by Eduardo Souza
You can check the making of in portuguese at,,GIM993483-7822-NOVO+...
This is a remarkable and creative bit of work, Eduardo
by Ron Lindeboom
This is truly an exceptional work, Eduardo. I love the video. Kudos to you and the team that made this.
Awesome Music Video!
by James O'Malley
This is a response to Matt Kresling's question, not a ballot box stuffer...besides, so far the Ratings show this film stands tall on its own! Thanks again Eduardo and Rodrigo...
I shot the live action, co-edited and supervised workflow, so here are additional Tech Specs not listed in the video description above: Edited and mastered on our "Monster"; a MacPro 8 core, 32GB ram, 1.5TB raid, Kona3. Post Pipeline: FCP6, XML to After Effects w/Automatic Duck, Photoshop & After CS3 for layouts, animation and compositing both on Monster and a few PCs w/AMD Quadcores, DPX sequence renders on Monster (crazy fast!) and final assembly and mastering on Monster...We have a small but awesome team who make any job from anywhere look easy! Hope you enjoy, and thanks for all the Top Ratings!!! Check out our sites for more fun...
Thanks Ron, Matt and Jim.
by Eduardo Souza
Thanks for the commentaries. Your opinion is very important to me and my team.
Thanks Ron Lindeboom
by Eduardo Souza
you can check my work at , thank you for your time!
by matt kresling
I look at a video like this and think it must have been done on a Cray Supercomputer. I'd love to know what hardware and software was used.
So far one of the best of the Pop Up book variety - excellent work!!!
by Jim Hines
There should be a special category for the different "styles" because there is a couple of other videos in the contest using this cut out doll technique - Let me just say you have brought something extra special to it - I particularly like the moment when the band was in the boxes and revolving - felt really big - I don't really have anything negative to say about it.
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