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Our Electric World

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Our Electric World
on Mar 19, 2014 at 6:43:37 pm
United States
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Our Electric World by Jesse Gidcumb
by Michael Chase
OUR ELECTRIC WORLD tracks the footsteps of a young boy and his dog as they go on a visual odyssey through today's exciting and energetic modern landscape. This story reminds us that electricity is an energy source that not only helps us warm our homes, charge our phones and power our toys, but it also moves through the environment all around us. It is in the wind, the sun, the water, and even within people! Furthermore, Our Electric World encourages kids to be bold, brave and BE POSITIVE as they march forward in the 21st century. This book is targeted at boys in the 2-6 age range that are starting to read. Though it has a palette that is designed to appeal to girls as well.
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