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OZONE - Character Animation Reel

Demo Reels : Orrin Zucker's Videos : OZONE - Character Animation Reel

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OZONE - Character Animation Reel
on Jan 23, 2010 at 9:38:14 pm
United States
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This is our 2D/3D character design reel. Included are clips from commercial, corporate, museum, web and broadcast.
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There is some interesting stuff here...
by Andrei Firtich
There is some interesting stuff here...
Not enough variety, almost everything has a cutout style.
The 3d stuff looks cheesy(unless that is what you are going for) For most part animation looks good

Get rid of stuff made from tutorials(Sheeps clone, smile sun, etc...makes people wonder what else is a tutorial)
There is enough quality material here to make a kickass 1 minute instead of a bloated 2minute reel.

Would like to see more variety, next time you are working on a project, challenge yourself to do a different look, you got the animation part down.

Hope this helps
Thanks for the feedback Andrei
by Orrin Zucker
Just a quick clarification, there's nothing here from a tutorial as far as I know...
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