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PopUp showreel

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PopUp showreel
on Aug 4, 2010 at 11:02:58 am
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PopUp Creative team is a group of artists working together as one. Our showreel is a selection of projects we have worked on. These include live action, 3d & 2d work and stop motion animation.
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Re: PopUp showreel
by Mel Buenaflor
Great and fantastic work!
Re: PopUp showreel
by Will Bystrov
Great work. Let me know if you guys ever need help.

Will Bystrov Reel
Re: PopUp showreel
by Luis Zapata
Probably the best reel i've seen here.

Amazing work.
Re: PopUp showreel
by Omar Mendoza
The best I've seen here in the cow.

Re: PopUp showreel
by Chris Hamilton
Fantastic! Seamless and very creative.
Re: PopUp showreel
by Louis Freris
Excellent work guys, and very creative!
Re: PopUp showreel
by Leonidas Hombas
Thank you.
The music is by a Greek group called "the burger project" check them out at
Re: PopUp showreel
by Lars Henriksen
great projects and what a cool soundtrack. Who made the music by the way?
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