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product01-hottrap [ freshly squeezed records ]

Demo Reels : Music Video : hagbard celine's Videos : product01-hottrap [ freshly squeezed records ]

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product01-hottrap [ freshly squeezed records ]
on Jun 4, 2009 at 2:30:48 pm
United Kingdom
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Music video for the single hottrap by the band product.01, [freshly squeezed records ]
directed and made by amoeba [ ]

After designing the record sleeves for the band [more]
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Great video, Hagbard
by Ron Lindeboom
Wonderful work. Excellent technique. The only thing I didn't like -- and I am not trying to be critical, only constructive -- is that your work is so stylistic and intense that the page-turn transitions just don't seem to fit. I would have used an electro-static dissolve or something else. But all-in-all, excellent work. I really like the bold colors and strong images.

Ooops! Watching it again I realized that the page-turns were used in your video for product.1's Heart of Glass video. So, strike that remark about page-turns from this one and move it on over to Heart of Glass.
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