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"Psychological Thriller" by The Sour Notes

Demo Reels : Music Video : Paul Ravillino's Videos : "Psychological Thriller" by The Sour Notes

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"Psychological Thriller" by The Sour Notes
on Feb 2, 2010 at 8:01:57 pm
United States
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Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard's A Woman Is A Woman... How far will this man go to prove his love?
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I enjoyed watching this
by Jim Hines
However I will make a comment similiar to one I made for another video in this contest - A COLD MIRROR - Off The International Radar - this comes off more like a "video" with music as opposed to "music" with video - I could easily imagine this piece with no music an no subtitles and working just as well or even more beautifully than it does here. The editing is the real highlight for me technically speaking - good pace nice smooth cuts that flow - your color grade is nice with crushed blacks and extra adjustments achieving at times a filmic look - you got nice preformances from your actors - the look she gives him at 2:22 is priceless - the guy kind of looks like Jaquin Phoenix - saying FIN is kind of cliche a little film schoolish Just my opinon - that's probably my only knock. Great work but I feel like this piece is more appropriate for a short film contest - Cool? Continue rocking!
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