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RAISE THE DEAD - Colin Devlin

Demo Reels : Music Video : sebastian lopez's Videos : RAISE THE DEAD - Colin Devlin

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RAISE THE DEAD - Colin Devlin
on Jan 27, 2010 at 6:17:03 pm
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Raise The Dead is a music video that i directed for Colin Devlin's new song, taken from his debut solo album ''Democracy of One''
It's all shot on Green Screen and composited by myself.

here's the [more]
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@RAISE THE DEAD - Colin Devlin
by Harvey Wiesenberg
Loved the video and imagery.Though the piece starts off slow, it becomes captivating as it builds up.All around nice work!

Re: RAISE THE DEAD - Colin Devlin
by Linda Baker
I love this video! Thanks for featuring him. Colin Devlin is a very talented singer and songwriter. There is a free song download from him at
Mishara Music loves to spread great music through word of mouth too.
by Robert Ober
Is it in Flash? Does not even start to download on my iPad.

wow, this one's so good ...
by Yuri Oira
wow, this one's so good ... good job again sebastian.

yes, it takes more than minute.

i used safari web browser on mac os 10.6.2 and it played well.
by Kim Michael McCarthy
In a Music Video, it is the music composition (musical notes joined with words) that drives the story telling, and that is the case with this MV.

The music sets the "tone" of the canvas. Technically the project is smart and very well done.

The single camera is interesting in it's starkness. It guides you to the music, and you can almost close your eyes at times and do your own video pictures in your mind.

I am not so sure the creatives would want you to do that, but I found that the music lead me there, closed eyes and listening for moments.

So having said that, technically 5 Cows and creatively well done with 4 Cows. Very nice work!

Very Nicely Done, HI D looks and sounds great!
by David Valentine
I really enjoyed your mastery of the visual and sonics!
Well worth the short wait! WOW!
Nice compositing
by Eduardo Souza
great composition and art direction, but I prefer your other music video. A camera in the same way does not bring many surprises.
Quality - for sure -
by Jim Hines
I've been watching this over and over but holding off scoring it because this competition is getting just that - "competitive" - there are a lot of really good music videos posted here (a lot of them in the 4 cow category) and so now I have to base a portion of my scoring and in this case the most important portion of my scoring on "Do I like this video better than other videos in the contest" - like for instance those from - Wayne Reynolds - Eduardo Souza - Matt Kresling - Graham Baclagon - because yours is definitely in the top ten or so in terms of having a shot at winning IMHO - at least at this point in time.

Let me start by saying your visuals are remarkable and have elicited an emotion in me - You've created a very Dickensian environment or even an Edgar Allen Poe sort of world - not so much nihilistic but fatalistic - I particularly like the shots around :59 where there appears to be a heat wave distorting the picture. Anyone who has ever cut a key can appreciate the work you've done with the wind blown hair - I don't know what you started with but it looks pretty darn good. - It maybe showing some fringing as a result of compression but in any case I believe you did a professional job with it. The composite is at times kind of flat - lacking depth - particularly around the piano player shots - and please be aware I'm looking at this with a hyper critical eye for the purposes of a contest - and again it's only my personal perspective. All in all, in terms of your art work, your concept and the realization of the apocalyptic world you set out to create- what is there to complain about? Very little - but for me - it would be the cut - the edit - I scored Navin Ramaswaran's video in the contest 5 cows - not ever believing that it has a chance to win the whole thing - but because the cut is so smooth - meaning from my "subjective" POV the pictures changed - when I felt they should and to what I wanted them to - Not so in this video -- for "me" - I've looked at it a bunch of times to give you precise time codes but it's not like that - it's more like a general pace of the whole piece - Secondly in terms of going out on limb or taking chances or introducing me to something I haven't experienced visually this presentation is not as strong as some others in the contest - again for 'me' - the last thing to mention would be the song - and probably this is where my perspective is truly skewed - which you are not responsible for but is never-the-less a significant piece of the pie - I'm not crazy about this song - reminds me of James Blunt - which is a compliment really because that means it's commercial and viable and should find an audience - it's just not working for me and ultimately effects my over all viewing pleasure.

But - guess what? Based on my pattern for scoring in this contest I don’t' see how I can ultimately justify not giving this quality work less than 5 cows - let the Cow make the final determination - so - Rock on! Wait a minute - you know what? That is without balls on my part - let me make a decision - there are simply other videos that I prefer to this one and if I could give fractional amounts of cows I would give this 4+ but I can't - so I'm going with 4 - It's beyond doubt that you've done awesome work.
by Mel Teruz
Wow!! The composition it's incredible! I'm speachless right now, so I'll only say Keep On the Good Work!!
Aesthetics of the video is incredible. The wait is worth it
by Fede Puopolo
Very good video aesthetics. The background it's amazing!.

It is unfortunate that the streaming did'n work and we must wait to complete the download to start watching the video, but the wait is worth it.

Until now, the best I saw here.
I saw it Sebastian.
by James O'Malley
Ron, Thank worked after letting it cache.

Sebastian, quite moving. Sweet story build to climax. Some of the early close up comps at the piano could be played with to reduce the hair fringing from the key (was this Keylight?)...But, all in all Beautiful!
They play guys, they just need to sit a minute or two before they start
by Ron Lindeboom
The way that he uploaded it, he bypassed the normal web compression engine that we use and opted to upload it at higher resolution. When a video seems not to play, open it in another window and let it load there while you do something else. In a minute or two it will start playing. That's what I do and that's how I watched it.
hello guys
by sebastian lopez
im re-uploading my video. thanks. sorry for the delay.
Your films wont play on my mac either.
by James O'Malley
Hi Sebastian, do you have another way I can see your films?
Thank you
Eerie but beautiful
by Jeff Cannata
Eerie but beautiful, a wonderful piece of art. For me , opened up a whole new level of what can be achieved with green screen.
Based on the song AND video , purchased the album yesterday.
Neither of your videos are playing in my browsers -
by Jim Hines
IE - Firefox or Safari - on windows 7
Nice touch with the ashes on the keyboard, Sebastian
by Ron Lindeboom
Great apocalyptic lighting and wind effects. You always do such good work, Sebastian. 5 Cows.
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